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Accounting Consultancy Services

Accounting consultancy services help businesses to identify, classify, and record financial and accounting information, ensuring its accuracy, integrity, and compliance with international standards for the preparation of financial reports, to be presented to shareholders and all other interested parties.

Definition of Accounting Consultation Services:

Accounting consultations are essential for the development of companies and financial institutions. Accounting is known as the language of business, so if a company wants to grow and succeed, it must understand this language and use it optimally to increase profits.

Accounting consultations play a significant role in helping you organize your financial affairs, so let’s take a quick tour to learn about the most important accounting consultations you can get, so you can develop your own business.

Most important accounting consultations you can get

There are many accounting consultations that you can get, depending primarily on what you want to organize within your own company. Among the most important accounting services that you can rely on are:

Designing and evaluating accounting systems for companies

One of the most important accounting services that you can rely on is designing accounting systems for companies. You will get an integrated accounting system that ensures your financial security.

If you already have an accounting system for your company, you can rely on the service of evaluating the accounting system, which works to clarify the strengths and weaknesses of the accounting system, and explains the method of treating shortcomings so that your system becomes integrated.

Working to improve the efficiency of the existing accounting system

You can obtain accounting consultations in the form of a set of advice that will improve the efficiency of the accounting system you rely on, ensuring that you are on the right path.

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Tax Consulting Services

  • Through this service, you will be able to obtain integrated financial statement preparation, which is prepared according to well-known international standards, so that you can issue highly accurate financial reports that are characterized by honesty and objectivity.

  • Also among the accounting consulting services that you can obtain is the professional preparation of financial systems.

    As well as designing internal control systems, which allows you to monitor all financial transactions that take place within your organization in an easy and simple way, without the need to make a big effort in reviewing them.

  • Any company or organization, regardless of its activity and the volume of its transactions, must have accounting policies that it operates on. These policies clarify all accounting issues and financial activities that must be carried out within the company or organization.

  • There are many methods of auditing, many of which rely primarily on the internationally recognized standards of auditing.

    These methods rely on studying the accounting systems used within the organization, conducting a complete evaluation of these systems, and ensuring their effectiveness and compliance with international accounting standards.

    Audit operations are divided into two main sections:

    Internal Audit Services

    This service aims primarily to ensure that the work system is operating correctly, and that managers and employees are performing their duties to the fullest extent possible within the legal and financial limits allowed.

    External Audit Services

    This is a set of consultations provided to the owner of the company or organization, where the financial situation of the company is evaluated and advice is given to improve its financial condition and promote its development and prosperity among its peers.

    In addition to accounting consultations, specialized accounting firms provide many other services, such as tax consultations, financial services such as feasibility studies, as well as training and development services directly related to accounting consultations.

List of services we provide:

In addition to the above mentioned, the following list below contains the services we provide. These are the accounting restrictions and reports that we can handle efficiently, ensuring that everything is organized with your financial side:

  • Preparing daily journal entries
  • Revenue/sales transfer
  • Payment transfer
  • Depreciation account
  • Received materials account transfer
  • Payroll accounting
  • Fixed assets, depreciation
  • Collection accounts
  • Credit and discount account settlement
  • General budget
  • Cash flow statement
  • Transfer of daily journal entries
  • Transfer of amounts received
  • Transfer of purchase invoices
  • Transfer of issued materials
  • Project accounting
  • Administration and general expenses
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Accounts payable reports
  • Audit balance sheet reports
  • Profit and loss account
Why should you use accounting offices and companies in Egypt?

International accounting standards are primarily applied to publicly traded companies and those registered with the stock exchange or the Companies Authority, and large accounting firms specialize in auditing the accounts of these companies. Smaller companies and entities, on the other hand, rely on smaller accounting firms for audit services. These firms can assist clients in all areas of accounting, taxation, insurance, etc., on a continuous and personalized basis. They differentiate themselves from larger firms in their ability to serve these clients. Regulatory requirements around the world are increasing day by day, and they must be followed and adhered to. International accounting standards and their interpretations are voluminous. The auditor must ensure that the company or organization being audited has complied with these standards. Therefore, the auditor must be fully aware of these standards, understand the appropriateness of their application to the company being audited, and be familiar with the different forms of implementation of these standards. The auditor’s report is what reassures the company’s shareholders, lending banks, board of directors, and tax authorities that everything is on the right track. It is a great responsibility.

Why use the services of MSH office?
As mentioned above, accounting and bookkeeping play a crucial role in any company. Regardless of the industry you belong to, it is essential to have clear and straightforward business accounts. By outsourcing to external sources, you will be able to keep your business afloat, reduce costs, access information (through external accountants and auditors), get experts and professionals, and benefit from a wide range of services. This is where MSH Office comes in. If you are asking how to find an accountant who can provide excellent accounting and bookkeeping services in Egypt, you have come to the right place. With over 30 years of experience in our hands, we are capable of providing exceptional accounting and bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized enterprises. We deal with a lot of companies in various industries that offer diverse services because we are also one of the best auditing firms in Egypt. Above all, we process everything you need with trademark registration in Egypt as well. As one of the leading accounting firms in Egypt, we have a number of the best legal accountants in Egypt who can oversee quality bookkeeping and accounting services. These agreements also help review project developers and work closely with our auditors on behalf of the Egyptian tax authorities.

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