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Resume & Professional Services Provided

It gives us great pleasure to present to you our professional resume and the related professional services provided by the office.

1- About the Office:

The office has extensive experience in providing professional services in the field of tax consultations, tax examination services, calculating all types of taxes, and submitting tax returns based on the deep experiences gained by working with all types of companies in all sectors. The office includes a group of professionals with wide-ranging experience in the field and its branches.

Mr. Mohammed Shukry Abdullah Al-Hay, Executive Director of the Office:

Mr. Mohammed Shukry, the Executive Director of the office, has extensive experience in the fields of taxes, financial and tax consultations, financial statement auditing, economic feasibility studies, and procedures for establishing companies in all legal forms. This is due to his previous work as a former director and employee in the Egyptian tax authority for 18 years, which gave him extensive experience in all types of tax examination and tax consultations, in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, and a full understanding of the Egyptian tax system. In addition, he has a strong knowledge of the accounting standards, Egyptian audit standards, investment laws, financial regulatory authority decisions, and the latest governance methods.

1/1- Relevant Updates to MSH Office:

Opening a New Branch for MSH Office in the Tenth of Ramadan City:

As part of the professional message of the MSH office, which aims to provide the best professional services through a well-studied presence in the profession market, and in line with what is adopted in the relevant professional institutions for the accounting and auditing profession, a branch of the office was opened in the Tenth of Ramadan City that suits the needs of the office’s dear clients, who are owners of industrial entities in the city, representing a main sector and a fundamental segment of MSH office’s clients. The location of the office branch in the Tenth of Ramadan was chosen according to precise criteria set by Mr. Mohammed Shukry, the founder and executive director of the office, based on the following:

Many years of history
Our office and work.

Founder and CEO

Company Director and Department Heads.

محمد شكري

المؤسس والمدير التنفيذي
  • It is necessary for the branch to be located in the city center and within the bank services area (Bank Complex) due to the vitality of that area in the Tenth of Ramadan, as it represents the city center and to facilitate the presence of the branch within the main banking services network in the Tenth of Ramadan for our esteemed office clients.

  • It is necessary for the branch to be located next to the main transportation network of the city for easy access and movement to and from the office branch.

  • Having an office branch in an industrial and vital city with a great industrial and developmental weight like the Tenth of Ramadan, which represents one of the fortresses of Egyptian industry, will make the office more interactive with its clients in the Tenth of Ramadan, which enhances the speed of the office’s response to its clients’ vital interests.

Sheikh Zayed branch address, in the Sixth of October City:

Office No. (38 & 39) – First floor – Building 5 – Project 6 – October Commercial Center – in front of the Senior Financiers Center.

The Tenth of Ramadan branch address:

Adjacent 19, next to Al-Rawdah Club – Second floor.

1/2 – A Selected Elite of the Office Clients:

Industrial Sector – in the Tenth of Ramadan City:

  • Hartex Dyeing Factory.
  • Al-Basmla Factory for Clothing Manufacturing.
  • Al-Rawdah Factory.
  • Al-Saad Factory.
  • Al-Shorouk Factory.
  • Al-Duha Factory.
  • Al-Majd Factory.
  • Al-Nortex Factory.
  • Al-Huda Factory.
  • Al-Walaa Factory.
  • Nur Al-Qamar Factory.
  • We Tex Factory.
  • Illeganza Factory.
  • Kickers Factory.
  • The Blue Nile for Clothing Manufacturing – Belbeis.

Diverse Industrial and Commercial Activities:

  • Rahabco Company – a limited liability company.
  • The Arab Group for Facility Management A G E S
  • Qasr Al-Manda Restaurant Group.
  • Al-Bahri Fish Restaurant Group.
  • Shell for Oils.
  • Hassan El-Sayed Abdel-Azim – the main distributor of Chloride Egypt & Electra Technology Batteries.


  • Integrated Solutions for Electrical Technology Company.
  • Consultant Engineer Office / Hazem Mansour – Engineering Consultations.
  • Mozzarella Fresh Company – Packaging and Supply of Food.
  • Symple Nile Center – Beauty Center.
  • Cinderella for Hot Air Balloon – Domestic Tourism.
  • Future for Logistics Services.
  • M&O Logistics Services.
  • Step Way for Transportation.
  • Opera Group of Companies (Tourism, Trade, Legal Consultations, and Contracting).
  • Quba for Logistics Services.
  • United Company for Transportation and Supply.
  • Abu Mazen Al-Souri Group.



Petroleum, Oil, and Petroleum Derivatives Companies Sector:


  • Petrocoin Petroleum Services Company.
  • Zohr Field.
  • Shell for Oils.



Contracting Companies Sector:

  • Technical Center for Contracting – Abu Al-Nasr Company “First Class”.
  • Al-Mutamiz for Contracting.
  • Al-Motahida for Contracting.


Various Activities:

  • Majestic for Cars.
  • Trust Motors.
  • Reddy Group – Beauty.

Non-profit institutions

  • Al-Alam Arts Association for cultural, scientific, and religious services.

1/3- Office website:

The office has a website designed by a specialized company to introduce professional offices and institutions related to auditing, taxes, feasibility studies, and all services provided by the MSH office. The website sheds light on the philosophy and mechanisms of the professional office, all its sectors, and the professional services it provides.

The website address for MSH office: MSH.com.eg

2- Professional services we provide:

2/1- Tax services related to work income taxes:

  • Preparing and reviewing all financial analysis and data related to work income taxes.

  • A comprehensive review of all salary and wage elements and what is included in them, and ensuring the application of work income tax brackets in accordance with Egyptian tax laws and regulations.

  • Ensuring the link of all elements related to work income tax, such as social insurance and matching the numbers in the form (insurance form) with the number of employees.

  • Preparing and approving periodic income tax returns (work income tax), with a total of 5 returns per year, “quarterly periodic returns and an annual consolidated return.”

  • Keeping you constantly informed of the latest developments and updates related to work income taxes.

  • Representing the company before the Egyptian tax authority in all its interests and assignments.

  • Following up the tax audit in case the company is subjected to the audit in all its stages.

2/2 – Tax-related services for preparing the annual income tax return:

  • Preparing and reviewing the company’s tax return (annual income tax return) in accordance with the requirements of the Egyptian tax laws and regulations and the latest Egyptian tax developments in light of the Unified Tax Procedures Law No. 206 of 2020.

  • Submitting and approving the company’s tax return and uploading it to the electronic system of the Egyptian Tax Authority within the legal deadline.

2/3 – Value Added Tax (VAT):

  • Assisting in preparing and submitting monthly VAT returns based on the company’s invoices.
  • Providing advice to the company on all matters related to VAT.
  • Keeping you informed of all tax developments related to VAT.

2/4 – Deduction and collection taxes under the tax account:

  • Assisting in preparing and submitting quarterly withholding tax returns on local suppliers based on the company’s invoices.
  • Providing advice to the company on all matters related to VAT.
  • Keeping you informed of all tax developments related to VAT.

2/5 – Financial statements auditing:

  • Auditing, preparing, and presenting financial statements in accordance with Egyptian accounting standards based on the balances and analytical data provided by the company.

  • Following auditing procedures in accordance with Egyptian auditing standards.

  • Financial statements adoption.

  • Evaluation of internal control systems and internal audit for the company, if required.

  • Assistance in establishing accounting systems and preparing accounting cycles if requested.

6- Establishment services:

  • The office will provide all types of relevant establishment services for the company in all its forms, as well as providing professional consultations related to establishment services, as the office is widely and continuously acquainted with all laws and procedures for establishing companies issued by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, and is constantly in touch with the developments that occur in the Egyptian economic laws, decisions issued by the General Authority for Financial Supervision, and the latest governance procedures in accordance with the latest governance mechanisms issued by the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.
  • The office provides services for extracting and documenting the company’s legal records in accordance with the legal requirements governing companies’ activities and documenting the minutes of the company’s general assemblies.

7- Economic feasibility studies preparation services for companies:

  • The office provides economic feasibility studies preparation services for companies, entities, and new projects through financial aspects related to feasibility studies, as follows:

  • Investment period.

  • Expected operating period.
  • Alternative opportunity study stage.
  • Initial feasibility study stage.
  • Final feasibility study stage.
  • Economic feasibility evaluation stage for the targeted project and return on investment.

8- Dealing with Government Entities:

  • The office has a strong experience in dealing with government entities related to our clients’ activities, with full understanding of their directions, work mechanisms, and how they deal with the essential matters related to our clients’ activities.
  • The office has previous experiences in dealing with all government entities, which resulted in solving disputes between these entities and our clients who have essential interests with them.
  • The office has an extensive and diversified network of connections that enables it to deal with all types of disputes that may arise between official entities and the office’s clients. This is based on the office’s name, which has professional weight and reputation that relies on full transparency and does not violate the main message of the office towards its “success partners” clients. This message is based on achieving the best possible results that serve the interests of our clients, supporting their economic entities, growing their business numbers, maintaining their profitability directions, and deepening their market share.

We hope that our resume meets your satisfaction and that the scope of professional services provided by us meets the requirements of your esteemed company.

With our sincere respect and greetings,

MSH Financial and Tax Consulting Office

Mr. Mohamed Shokry

“Certified Accountants & Tax Experts”

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