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Mohamed Shukri Office for Tax, Accounting, and Legal Consultancy houses a team of expert tax, accounting, and legal professionals with quality and experience.

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Scope of Professional Services

Tax Declaration Preparation Services:

  • Preparing and reviewing the required analyses to prepare tax declarations.
  • Preparing tax declarations in light of legal requirements and tax legislation.
  • Adopting tax declarations.
  • Submitting tax declarations within the legal deadline.

Tax Consultation Services:

  • Conducting tax consultation studies and restructuring tax in light of current tax laws and legislation.
  • Responding to client inquiries about all types of taxes.
  • Responding to all inquiries related to international agreements and avoiding double taxation.
  • Conducting tax impact studies, stating tax-related risks associated with transactions, and determining necessary tax allowances.

Tax Examination Services

  • Review of all financial analyses and related documents prior to examination.
  • Conducting interviews with the tax examiner and attending the tax examination to provide any information requested by the examiner during all stages of the examination process.
  • Monitoring the tax examination process throughout all stages.
  • Filing objections on behalf of the company regarding tax assessment notices, with a reminder to the client to promptly send us the notices upon receipt to allow us to file objections within the legal deadline.
  • Reviewing the examination report, preparing a summary of our opinion and recommendations, and discussing the details with the client.
  • Preparing a defense memorandum for filing objections on disputed issues with the appropriate tax authority.
  • Representing the company in all meetings prior to the convening of the internal committee to discuss our opinions.
  • Studying the results of the internal committees and discussing their details with the client.

Financial Statements Audit Services

  • Reviewing, preparing, and presenting financial statements in accordance with Egyptian accounting standards.
  • Following the audit procedures in accordance with Egyptian audit standards.
  • Approving financial statements.
  • Evaluating internal control systems and internal control mechanisms of entities.
  • Developing accounting systems and preparing accounting cycles.
  • Keeping accounting records and recording services in accounting books in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Services of company establishment

  • Providing all types of company establishment services
  • Providing professional consultations related to company establishment for clients
  • Wide and continuous knowledge of all laws and procedures for company establishment issued by the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones
  • Continuous update of economic laws and regulations in Egypt and decisions issued by the General Authority for Financial Supervision and the latest governance procedures
  • The office provides services for obtaining and authenticating legal ledgers for companies in accordance with the regulatory requirements for company operations.

Services for preparing economic feasibility studies

The office provides services for preparing economic feasibility studies for new companies, entities, and projects through financial aspects related to feasibility studies, as follows:
  • Investment period
  • Expected operating period
  • Alternative opportunity study phase
  • Preliminary feasibility study phase
  • Final feasibility study phase
  • Economic feasibility evaluation phase for the targeted project and return on investment.

Accounting Consultations

Accounting consultation services help businesses to identify, classify, record, and ensure the accuracy and integrity of financial and accounting information and compliance with standards.

Tax Consultations

Tax consultation services are important tools that businesses must use to study the tax effects on their operations within the country in which they operate and other countries.

Company Formation

We provide you with the legal information that helps in choosing the correct type of company, and then we carry out the steps of establishment and preparation, review, and modification of partner decisions on your behalf.

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