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Company Registration

Company registration is one of the essential procedures that must be carried out when establishing a company. In general, the procedures for establishing and registering a company require the drafting of the company’s contracts and registering them with a notary public.

There are many procedures that must be followed when establishing and registering companies, and company registration in general depends on the method followed and varies from one company to another depending on the type of the company.

Registration requires fulfilling both the legal and commercial aspects to ensure that all procedures are correct. Let us take you on a quick tour to learn about the process of registering your company.

The Method

The method of advertising for companies varies from one company to another depending on the type of company and the activity it engages in. However, in general, advertising is done by following the following methods.

Advertising methods include publishing a summary of the company’s contract in one of the official newspapers that are circulated in the country where the company is headquartered. Also, registering the company’s contract in the General Administration of Companies’ registry, in addition to the contract being recorded in the commercial registry.

To get a clearer picture, let us together take a look at the procedures for advertising for a partnership company, as one of the most commonly spread types of companies nowadays.


The first step that must be taken is to deposit a summary of the contract in the primary court that has jurisdiction over the company’s headquarters.

The clerk of the primary court records this summary in a special register called the Companies Register, and the summary is also published in one of the newspapers that are printed in the country where the company is located, specialized in publishing judicial announcements.

It should be noted that anyone with an interest may access the Companies Register.

In addition, this summary is affixed to the notice board prepared within the court for judicial announcements, and it is affixed for a full period of three months.

The summary must include the company’s address, who has the right to manage the company, as well as the names of the partners, their descriptions, and their place of residence, with clarification of the start and end times of the company.

It should be noted that the company is considered invalid if the announcement is incomplete after completing all legal procedures. For example, it may be affixed without being published, which would mean that you have violated one of the announcement conditions.


The next step in advertising companies is to register the company in the commercial register within one month of opening the main center of the company.

Registering in the commercial register requires some important documents, including a license certificate from the Chamber of Commerce, as well as the original contract of the company and a copy of it in addition to the summary.

If the contract is registered in the court, a valid registration certificate must be obtained from the commercial register writer, and the original cards of the partners must also be present.

Basic Provisions

In order to be able to advertise and register companies in the commercial register, there are some provisions that must be included in the company’s founding contract.

Among the most important of these provisions are the trade name of the company, as well as the name of the partner(s) and the joint partners. It is also necessary to specify the exact headquarters of the company with extreme accuracy.

In the contract, the capital of the company, the activity that the company will undertake, and also who will have the right to manage the company and the duration of the company must be specified in detail.

In the event of any amendments to the contract provisions, these amendments must be advertised. For example, when one of the partners withdraws or changes the right to management and other matters, these amendments must be advertised.

Of course, there are many other procedures that are followed in advertising companies, but we have listed the most important procedures that you must follow if you want to advertise your own company.

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